Saturday update – March 7

Okay, progress for the week. First – Book of Ink Circles. 610 stitches in less than 6 hours last Sunday. A pretty good start, and by looking at the progress of the other SAL members, pretty average, too!

Dove Love – I’m on the home stretch of the red – finish the large heart and 2 smaller hearts, then on to gold. I really wanted to finish the large heart this week, but DH arrived home, and biscornu and a surprise date….well, it just didn’t happen, that’s all! In addition to adding a couple more rows this afternoon, I also worked more on my finishing ideas. Don’t tempt me to tell you by asking – you never know who reads blogs, and this is a gift for my grandparents.

Emma has no new stitches on her – she stayed in her bag when I was distracted by my biscornu exchange. All the stitching is done, it’s been “blocked” and pressed, and I’m forcing myself to wait until Tuesday to start assembly.

My date with DH last night was fun! What a surprise – not only dinner without the kids, but a hotel suite with a jetted tub. It was a great opportunity for us to be like we were before we became parents. No, I did not take any stitching with me ;).

We were home by 10:30 this morning – the hotel was hosting at least 3 basketball teams in the state tournament, and there was no breakfast left by the time we got to the lobby! Plus we missed the kids lots, so we went home and had breakfast, then went house-hunting, so DH could see the houses on the short list.

I hope you all are having a good weekend!

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