March goals

Is it possible that it’s already March? Is it possible that I accomplished everything on my February goal list? Let’s see!

Recap of February Goals:

Complete 3 new items for Etsy – well, I listed 4 things, only 2 of them were new finishes, but that counts, right?
Continue making strong weekly progress on Dove Love – yes! Yay! I’m estimating 2 or 3 more weeks of updates, and then it’s back to the Secret Squirrel cave until the gift is received
Complete and mail 3 Ladies RR to Pixie by 2/24 – completed by 2/26, holding until Pixie is ready to receive
Stitch 2 hours every week on Emma #2 (8 hours in Feb) – 8 hours in Feb accomplished – the first weekend SAL on FB really helped me make that goal
Finish and mail 1 PIF by 2/14 – yes, and Laura has received

March Goals


Complete 3 new items for Etsy
Stick to my stitching schedule (posted on the right) – weekly progress in each category
Finish stitching Dove Love by 3/25 and move on to finishing
Stitch and finish Lizzie*Kate gift by 3/31
Stitch, finish and mail TTE Biscornu exchange piece by 3/31 (deadline)


Organize stash (I know, too general)
Try one new seed bead stitch by 3/17


Maintain posting pace (I’m happy with it, are you happy with it?)
Create widget for bracelet giveaway
Comment at least weekly on fellow stitching blogs

Miscellaneous things I hope to attain by 3/31:

Find a house!!!!!
Potty train Katie!!!!
Regular fitness routine

Thanks for visiting and taking part in my creative life. I appreciate your comments.

3 thoughts on “March goals

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  1. Potty training and all those other things you are planning. You are a brave woman! My son is almost 18 and I still remember the tortures of potty training. Good luck with all of your goals! You can do it(even with the potty training).


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