This May Be Why I Stopped Beading For A While…

A little bit of disorganized stash is enough to sap anyone’s creativity! (Yes, you see some baby food jars)

Here’s a close-up of my “to be” bag:

That pic really doesn’t do justice to the jumble in there. There are things “to be ripped apart” and things “to be sorted” and some things that just need “to be thrown away”. Below all the big things you can see are my precious (well, just to me) seed beads, that need to be sorted by color and size.

I found 5 bracelets in this bag, all made by me. I guess I was going to rip them apart and reuse the beads. But now, instead, I’d like to give my readers a chance to give me honest feedback on these pieces. 3 are my original designs. Here’s a “group” shot of these bracelets:

All listings have been claimed! Thank you so much!
***The top one is a double-row blue and gold bracelet, measuring 7.25″ Jig-wrapped links make this fun and unique; clasps are hand-wrapped loops and hooks
***The middle 2 are called “Crystal Waves” (not my design) – seed beads and 4 mm faceted, woven together, measuring 7.5″ The 4 mm beads in both bracelets are a steel-grey – the upper one is monochrome, with blue-gray seed beads. The lower one has emerald green seed beads. Both feature gold-colored (no one’s talking karat here) toggle clasps.
***The 4th one is one of my designs – sterling plated 24g wire figure-eights with fire-polished 4 mm beads, measuring 7.75″ Again, hand-wrapped loop and hook for closure
***The bottom one is very similar in design to #4 – stainless steel 22g wire figure-eights with lavender cube beads, measuring 7″ Hand-wrapped loop and hook for closure.

So this is what I want to do. I’d like to give these 5 bracelets away. What do you have to do? Request one, then wear it, and tell me what you think. Can you close it one-handed, or does it take a small army? Does it snag your clothes at all (I hope not, but 3 of these are wire)? Do you get comments on it? How does it hold up to every day wear? I have individual pics available on request (I don’t want to slow the page load any more than I have to). I thought the pictures would be clickable, but I guess they are not. Leave a comment here only, please, to request one of these bracelets, with your e-mail address. I will e-mail you for your snail mail address.

Thanks for your help, friends!

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