Something smelly in my mailbox…

Yummy smelling, that is! I received my soy tarts from Angie today. I’m excited. I ordered a sampling of the Apple Crisp hearts, plus she sent me a cute square of Clean Cotton (with a lily on it, I think, I’m bad at knowing which flowers are which) and some Lilac stars. Clean Cotton was one of the other scents I was interested in, so I’m thrilled with my “bonus”!

I may have to hide some of these in the kids’ bathroom to conquer Mount Pull-Up. My house smells so fresh, now! She wasn’t kidding about everything being triple-scented – I could smell everything through the envelope!

Thank you, Angie! Go visit her site! What I ordered was much less than a trip to Yankee Candle, and even with the mixed scents in my house, I’m not overwhelmed. Approximately 10 days on the delivery, and something fun in the mail!

2 thoughts on “Something smelly in my mailbox…

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  1. Awww Thank you Andrea. I so happy you liked your Tarts.Remember I am having the comment contest so your name has been entered to win a Dozen Free Soy Tarts. I will be posting th winners on Saturday.So make sure you check it out(hehe)no hint (giggle)Sincerly Angie


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