All the blogs have been kinda quiet this week!

Nothing exciting happening with stitching here. Just WIP. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on Dove Love. I’ll make myself work on Emma #2 at least one time period today. I’m distracted from her because I want to grid my fabric for the Book of Ink Circles SAL. I’ve never gridded before, but as large as that project is, I think it will save my sanity. I also need to decide on a biscornu pattern, colors and fabric for the next TTE exchange. On the last exchange, I was easily inspired by my partner’s blog. This time my partner doesn’t have a blog, so I’ll let my imagination go, and hope she likes it! I’m waiting for my first PIF recipient to say she received her package, and then I’ll have a finish to post.

We looked at more houses on Monday. We liked 2 of the 4, which gave us 3 on our list. 2 are short sales (which means a long time until we find out if we have the house), and 1 is bank-owned (actually an easier process). The problem with the bank-owned property, is that the owners had done an internal remodel, and it wasn’t noted in the listing. Because Monday was a holiday in the US, we had to wait until Tuesday for our agent to call the city and see if the work had been done with a permit. It hadn’t, and we don’t want that headache, so we’re back down to 2 on our list. 1 is 50 years old, on a busy street, in the same school zone, decent access to the freeway and could be livable for a while without having to add a 3rd bathroom. The other is in a very quiet cul-de-sac, in a different elementary school zone, farther from the freeway but closer to church, has a half-bath downstairs that would need a shower added almost immediately. In the first, my sewing/beading/general craft area would have to be in a nearly windowless basement. In the second, the “4th bedroom” would become a small den/office/craft space with a lovely front window, but there would only be one living space – the family room would be converted to my mom’s suite.

It’s a dilemma, and I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision myself!

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  1. Finding the best house is hard. Don’t be discouraged, but keep looking. If you are not on a deadline, taking longer is better than picking something that you will later regret.


  2. Our only deadline is that our rental house is currently for sale. This is the second listing – it’s been for sale since June or July, and they’ve had no calls. But it’s still something to be aware of – at any day we could get a call saying, you’ve got 30-45-60 days to be out. And now I also have to think about school ending and starting, and knowing which school my daughter will be in. We start early in Idaho – before the end of August.


  3. Thank you drea_dear for stopping by my site. I’ve checked out your etsy shop. Very pretty work you do. Just a suggestion – why not ship international? With the quality of your work and the very attractive prices I’m sure you’ll do well. Cheers!


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