Saturday update – February 14

This is what disappointment looks like – so close to finishing that section! But my eyes gave out. I’m tempted to avoid red for a while. It’s not so much the color as the 2-over-1ness. The rows are getting squishy, and I have to hold it really close to my face to try to stay in a straight line. You can see that I was smart, and outlined the rest of the section so I didn’t have to worry about counting. I posted the link to this pattern yesterday.

This morning we’re heading to Costco, and then this afternoon is a baby “reveal” (to appease the church ladies who hold that second babies don’t deserve a “shower”) for my pastor’s wife.

At some point I WILL finish that wristlet. I got it stitched together the way I thought was right, then I second-guessed myself. I ripped it apart. and pinned it together a different way, but set it aside until “later”. During dinner, I played with a napkin and figured out that I was right the first time – it would be the least amount of work, and still look nicely finished. I also need to make some cording for the handle. I’m still deciding on colors and technique for the cording. The twisted method is really easy, but I’d like to add some beads, and I’m not sure how to get them uniformly twisted in.

Again, happy Valentine’s day to all. Today is also my half-iversary, but no celebration for either event with DH in Seattle. I’m praying that by our 10th anniversary (August) he will have a job here in ID. This has been a rough time, but I know our marriage will be stronger for it. Okay, a rare moment of very personal sappiness from me! Love to all my readers!

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