I told you there were lots of updates!

I’ve been inspired for my next Etsy project – maybe it’s looking at all the red in Dove Love, maybe it’s the cold weather outside, I don’t know, but I’m looking to do something more fun and warm and bright! Here’s a pic of the inspiration fabric and some of the threads I may use:

This will also be a tote bag – black, with the side and bottom in the sunny, fun print, and a pocket featuring a geometric pattern inspired by the print. I want to start it this week – I haven’t kept to my goal of completing one new Etsy item per week so far. After this I may move on to a different product. I have a lot of ideas, I just need to implement them. Thanks for everyone who’s looked at my shop so far!

Also, I promised a pic of the 3 Ladies Round Robin I received from Colleen:

She also sent a Sweetheart Tree needleroll pattern, a cute “Patriotic Garden” pattern (both hard to see in the pic), and adorable Halloween fabbie for my stash! Thank you, Colleen! Mailing date for this is February 24, and I’ll be stitching above where the crease is now. I’m sure I’ll make that without a problem.

I’m still waiting to hear from my TTE partner if the scissor fob made it safely across the ocean. When I hear from her, I’ll post a pic and details. It was really fun to do, and was my first fob-finish.

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