Scheduling time to stitch

One of my goals for this month is to balance things, so that I finish projects, but still manage to maintain the house AND keep the children from burning the house down. I’ve done a better job of prioritizing my projects – I have a stitching bag with my current crochet and no more than 2 stitching projects sitting next to my chair in the living room. That way I can rotate through the projects, and hopefully complete them before I get burned out. Right now I’m working on Katie’s scarf, my grandparents’ anniversary gift and the Hardanger SAL.

I also set a goal to stitch some every week on Emma #2, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish that – until tonight. My daughters sing in the kids’ choir at church, and I have 45 minutes between when their practice starts and my Bible study. So I brought Emma #2 along in my little WIP bag, and sat and chatted with a couple of people while I stitched (just until the class started). Not an efficient way to work, but definitely more progress than I was making with the bag sitting in a corner of my bedroom.

Does anyone else do this? Do you travel with your WIPs? I’ve seen knitters do it, but not cross stitchers. I sometimes think there are too many supplies/colors to drag the whole project with me, but if it can all fit in a zip-top bag, then it’s contained enough to carry, isn’t it? Just a thought that occurred to me while I was stitching and waiting.

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  1. There are quite a few stitchers that have travel projects and various ways of toting them. I know Anna (Stitch Bitch) always has a travel project to work on during her commute – check out her blog.It’s hard for me to stitch in the car, but I do travel with a small project or two, packed up in a little Vera Bradley travel case (they’re discontinuing them, but still available on eBay). I usually kit up my projects in ziploc bags, so it makes it easy to throw one or two in the case. I also keep a set of scissors and needles in my case so I don’t forget them


  2. I always take my stitching with me!! I have one project that I’m only working on away from home right now. It’s an easier pattern, very repetitive, so it’s easy to work on while distracted, like at my daughters dance classes 🙂


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