Postable finish!

I finished Hallie’s scarf last night. Wow, this was a lot more work than it needed to be. She chose 2 colors that didn’t really go together, and the only way I could think to make it work was to do like a patch-work, with a neutral between and around, but it was a pain in a lot of places before it was done!

There’s a ripple at the base of each color block row – I slip-stitched in front loops on one side, then flipped and slip-stitched in back loops on the back. The whole thing is single crochet, except for the occasional slip-stitch. I just used a length of beige yarn and a yarn needle to whip-stitch the color blocks together to form rows, then wove the yarn through the stitches, to form a vertical line. It’s very wide, but Hallie can leave it full width to wrap around her ears, or fold it to double the thickness and be extra warm. I used Caron Simply Soft – the old version that was $1.50/skein at Walmart for a while. Colors are Grape, Rubine Red, and Bone.

Back to cross stitch before I attempt Katie’s!!

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  1. The scarf is beautiful. Although I would not have chosen to use those colors, I think I would actually love it and wear it, and perhaps I should think out of the box… kids are so smart 🙂Laura


  2. She loves bright colors – reds, pinks, purples, and she actually has a hat that has those colors in it, too, so it works. It matches her personality, with enough of the beige thrown in to make me happy.Hallie is the one who wanted a red couch, and cried when we got taupe – I had to make her a red pillow to make her happy!


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