First finishes of the year

So I have 2 finishes already for the year, and I can’t post either of them! One is a Christmas gift for DH – since he wasn’t able to come home for Christmas, we’re celebrating with him next week, wrapped gifts under the tree and everything. Since I made the girls their main gifts, I made one for him, too.

And, I’ve finished my TTE scissor fob – I just need to put it in the mail on Monday, early, but it’s international, and I want it to arrive as close to the date as possible.

I’m making good progress on Hallie’s scarf – I’ve finished all the little color blocks, and I’m going to start putting it together tonight. I’d like to have it finished before she goes back to school on Monday – there’s another chance for snow.

Otherwise, all is quiet here. I should be able to get to the last part of the SAL this week, as well, so watch for another couple of lessons on a variation on the star – the Ship. It’s very cool, and I’ll be using it to accent my piece.

2 thoughts on “First finishes of the year

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  1. Can I ask, what does DH do that he couldn’t get home for Christmas? My DH works crazy shifts and had to work Christmas Eve and day but he did get home to sleep for awhile. Hope you all are together soon to enjoy not just the gifts but each other!


  2. He still has a job where we used to live, and we relocated to another state. In this economy, if you have a job you keep it, and the relocation made sense financially, it just sucks that he can’t be here for everything. He’s worked crazy shifts, too, in our married life, so I’m used to planning around him. He was able to be home for dd’s birthday, and so far he’s been able to come home about once a month.


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