I’m taking PIF sign-ups!

I signed up on another blog for a Pay It Forward for 2009. Wanna play? Leave a comment here and I’ll contact you! I’m looking for 3-5 people to reward!

Rules for Pay It Forward (PIF):

1. I will stitch something for you sometime in the year 2009 and mail it to you. I will look at your blog to get an idea of your tastes, and choose something just for you!

2. You must post a request on your blog like this one asking for sign-ups, to keep the fun going!

That’s it!

Updated – I think 3 is my limit, based on all the other things I want to do this year. If you stumbled across this, and would like to sign up with someone, please visit my friend Laura M – dragonflymystic. She is taking up to 6 PIFs. She’s a talented, creative stitcher. I’ve been stitching in Round Robins with her for 2 years, and love seeing her work!

4 thoughts on “I’m taking PIF sign-ups!

Add yours

  1. I will sign up for your pay it forward, and I will post the same on mine!! I have been thinking about this … and will do this in the new year for 6 people.🙂 this is a great thing for the kids to learn!!!Thank you Andrea!


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