All mailing Christmas gifts are done…

I got everything in the mail (well, my mom did – thank you!) by Friday. I heard from my aunt in St. Louis that she received her envelope and is patiently waiting until Christmas to open it. Unfortunately, all the creativity went inside the envelope, so that is the wrapping paper! My back just wouldn’t take bending over to wrap gifts. The things that were sent to my grandparents’ home in one big box got wrapped.

I’ve taken a couple of days away from the sewing machine, but I need to make the cradle mattresses for the girls’ gifts. I’m almost done crocheting the afghan for Katie’s new doll, and I’ll make a smaller one for Hallie’s baby Freddy.

It looks like I’ll have to go out Christmas Eve to do some last minute shopping – I’m waiting for dh to get paid so I can get stocking stuffers. I’m also still looking for a meaningful gift for my mom.

I’ve struggled with getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Maybe because dh is so far away, maybe because I couldn’t afford to do all the shopping I would normally enjoy. We didn’t get a big tree for the living room, and I wasn’t all that disappointed. We made a tree out of lights on the sliding glass door, and we have a small artificial tree in the family room downstairs. We baked cookies and made peppermint bark and fudge on Saturday so that we could have treats for the neighbors and the pastoral staff at church. That was fun. We had a good time frosting the cookies. Katie had her own pile of red sprinkles on the table in front of her – she dumped them on the first cookie she did, and we made her use that same pile for all the rest of hers!

Anyway, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a happy and safe New Year. Stay warm and keep your lights on as long as possible!

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