Trying not to get overwhelmed…

I’ll admit I have some lofty goals – 12 handmade Christmas gifts, almost all of which need to be mailed to recipients. Plus handmade gifts for the children. Plus a birthday party. Plus an anniversary gift. So while the kids are downstairs bugging Nana before bed, can I vent a little?

I started my grandparents anniversary gift – it’s an Alessandra Adelaine freebie, and it will be exquisite when it’s finished. Their anniversary is December 22, so I have to have it finished by the 15th so I can mail it. I’m stitching it on 28-count, over 1. In an hour of working on it last night, I managed to do 2 rows of one color. No, make that 2 half rows – I started at the center of the piece. A 3rd half row went faster this afternoon. I’m hoping to make significant progress this evening, once the children are in bed. I wish I could post WIP pics here, but my family has the blog link, and I would hate for the secret to get out…it’s killing me to not post pictures of all the things I’m working on. After Christmas, I promise.

On the good side of my self-induced insanity, I’ve completed 5 of the 12 gifts, Katie’s doll’s afghan is waiting patiently for me to pick it up again, and I have all of Hallie’s gifts done/purchased. They’re just not wrapped. Part of what overwhelms me is that I have so many ideas and projects that I want to start, but I know that I have to put them off until I’ve finished these other obligations. So I’m stuck just making goals for the end of December and for next year.

Thanks for reading, if you got this far. Hopefully now my fingers will move swiftly over the fabric, not just fidget with impatience! I am now logging off of Facebook and closing out the internet, no more sitting at the computer for me tonight!

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