Goal update time!

Recap of goals for November:

Complete Hardanger SAL pattern by November 5 – not sure what date I finished it, but it’s done
Complete Katie’s doll’s afghan by November 21 – I elected to push this back to December
Finish motifs for 4 more Christmas gifts and begin assembly by November 30 – yes! I’ve lost count – I think I have 2.5 motifs to finish, and I have 3 gifts assembled and ready to mail!
Start Round 5 of 3 Ladies RR whenever the next lady arrives (send-off date is November 24) – still waiting to receive round 5
Complete Grandparent’s 60th anniversary gift by November 30 – have not started
Cousin’s wedding gift (maybe, they may get something off their registry) by November 20 – they got something from a store, and I feel darned good about it!

I’m feeling very good about my accomplishments for November. I have ambitious goals for Christmas gifts, and it looks like I’ll meet them without a problem.

Goals for December:

Complete the remaining Christmas gift motifs by December 5
Decorate interior of house for Christmas by December 12
Have a fun, low-stress birthday party on December 13
Complete Grandparents 60th anniversary gift and mail by December 15
Mail completed gifts December 15
Involve the kids in Christmas baking – gifts for neighbors, December 20-ish
Complete Katie’s doll afghan by December 22
Make Hallie’s doll afghan by December 22
Stitch dolly-bed mattress covers by December 24
Set up an Etsy store – December 26
Begin Tiny Treasures Exchange – December 31

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