Finally moved in!

We are moved into our new house in Nampa (20 minutes west of Boise). This house was on our list of houses we wanted to see when we were looking to buy, but the RE agent excluded it because it wasn’t in the preferred school district. Anyway, it’s still for sale for another 2 months, but they haven’t had any calls in the first 3 months of the listing, and the listing now mentions that the home is rented and anyone who purchases it must honor our lease. That effectively kills any sale.

I’ll have a nice beading area with bright lighting, once I get a table and storage down there. My desk and computer are in the living room – it’s huge! And I can cross-stitch anywhere my chaise sits! I’ve been doing a little work at a time on round 4 of the 3 ladies. The kitchen is functional. I think I have about 6 “kitchen” boxes still to unpack. I found Katie’s play clothes today – the poor kid has been living in dresses for 10 days. Fortunately, it’s been in the mid-80s everyday – in September! Hallie’s in kindergarten, and loves it. I am a lucky mommy – there was room in the afternoon class, so I don’t have to be up super-early in the morning yet, and school time corresponds with nap-time, so I’ll eventually have a nice quiet time after lunch.

The biggest adjustments from Seattle to Idaho have been the dry air (85 feels like 75 to me), the bad tasting water out of the tap, and the fact that everyone’s lawns are beautiful! We live in a very nice neighborhood, but even the not-so-nice neighborhoods are well-kept, with clipped green lawns. In Seattle, if it doesn’t rain, you don’t have to mow! But so far we love it, and as soon as I find a camera that works I’ll post some pics.


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