Moving, again…

I swear, some day this will stop! Last week dh sat down with me to tell me he really wants to move to Idaho (west of Boise area) for a lot of reasons, but chief among them is that the cost of living is so much less and he really does not like the idea of raising our kids in the Seattle area – because of what we can afford to rent, we don’t always live in the most desirable neighborhoods. So on Sunday our current landlords came by to look at something that needed to be fixed and said, “Oh by the way, we’re putting the house on the market tomorrow!” So that made the decision to relocate so much easier.

As of now, our plan is for me to just move with the girls as close to the start of school as possible (my slightly bigger one starts kindergarten in the fall), so that we can be somewhat settled. DH and my mom will continue to work at their jobs here until they find employment in Idaho. The exciting possibility is that we’re looking at buying outright instead of renting for a while. The housing market is so slow there. The house we are renting right now is listed for just under $420K, the same house in Idaho would be less than half that.

Now I’m trying to finish the projects I’ve laid out for myself – especially anything that requires the sewing machine. I’m making simple dresses for each of the girls – I’m going to work on the little one’s when I’m done here. And I have 2 more dresses to make for myself, I hope I can pack away the sewing machine stuff before we leave to visit Boise in mid-July. (Don’t laugh – the tunic that I started for myself on Mother’s Day took me 3 weeks to sew!!!!!!!!)

I hate packing, and having stuff in boxes, and having to decide what we “really need”, and it’s worse with kids, and there, that’s all my whining for this move!!!

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