Still Around…

I’m still around. We are getting ready to move, and my computer shuts down on a whim now. Not that that’s an excuse since I can use my husband’s laptop to access Blogger, but oh well.

I’m excited to be out of this apartment, and to have lots of windows and be able to put both of my daughters to bed in their own beds. Right now they share a room and the older one has to go to sleep in my room for the first part of the night – her little sister will talk to her and keep them both awake if I don’t. I look forward to letting go of that family tradition.

Stitching goes slowly since I have to pack and clean when the children are awake. I’m still working on my Egyptian finish – incorporating the Round Robin from last year into a stitching project bag. I will be so happy to have it finished, so that I can stop stashing WIPs in gallon size Ziploc bags!

Once we are settled and I get my camera back from my grandparents’ house I can start on the Hardanger lessons again. I’m still at a point where I need to be sitting with fabric, needle and thread in my hand to explain it, and it’s so much easier to just take pictures than it is to scan!

Anyway, I’m glad the holidays are over, I will be even more glad to be moved (hopefully in a couple of weeks) – I want life to settle down and be normal again!

Ann, if you’ve checked in and this seems slow, I’m sorry! There’s a link on the left to “Laura’s Round Robin Nest” – that’s the “online stitching group” I told you about. You can look at what we’re up to, and see if there’s anything you want to join in on!

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